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Five Simple Adventures

My adventure goal for 2017 was to do 40 hikes – the added challenge was no repeats of trails already successfully completed. Unfortunately, there is one day left in the year and Iʻve only completed 38 hikes (no repeats) but 52 in total (counting repeats) – so goal reached (sort of). The point, however, is […]

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Kaʻau Crater

Kaʻau Crater features three waterfalls and breathtaking views of Honolulu and Diamond head on the south side, and Kāneʻohe and Kailua on the North Side (to my local people – its small kine hard to use Mauka vs. Makai on this one since you’re on a ridge). The hike doesn’t get too difficult until after the first waterfall. Up until that point its just tedious, muddy, and overgrown (which is beautiful in its own way, yet difficult at times to navigate through).

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