Makapuʻu Lighthouse: Taking the paved path

If youʻre looking for a nice starter trail - Makapuʻu Lighthouse is perfect. It's a well-maintained hike that is paved basically the entire way, so it's a great trail to go on rain or shine. Plus points: this hike is great for the little hikers.


Puʻu Pia: A quick and easy hike tucked in the back of Mānoa

Puʻu Pia is a short hike tucked in the back of Mānoa Valley. This trail is one of many trails that make up the Honolulu Mauka System (Iʻll write a post later about how important it is to have a plan when you decide to hike any of those trails here based on an unexpected adventure of mine). I randomly decided to try this hike out with Kahi and it turned out to be an awesome adventure.