Top 5 Hikes of 2017

My adventure goal for 2017 was to do 40 hikes – the added challenge was no repeats of trails already successfully completed. Unfortunately, there is one day left in the year and Iʻve only completed 38 hikes (no repeats) but 52 in total (counting repeats) – so goal reached (sort of). The point, however, is that my entire life I’ve lived on this island and there were at least 29 places I had never ventured to before. Adventure isn’t far, you just need to go explore. This will be a multi-part series to help anyone looking for adventure if Hawaiʻi is their backyard.

Choosing my top five was definitely not an easy task, but here’s what I ended up with:

  • Favorite Off-Island Adventure
  • Most Challenging
  • Most Frequented
  • Easiest
  • Most Extensions

I figured that by having these “categories” it’d keep me from just choosing the hikes that I did most recently, or choosing hikes that are all the same type (waterfall, shoreline, forest etc.)

So without further delay, here are my top five hikes of 2017:

Favorite Off-Island Adventure: Makaʻulepu Heritage Trail with Extension to Kawelikoa via Makauwahi Cave

Mahaʻulepu Heritage Trail

Most Challenging: Kaʻau Crater


Most Frequented: Lulumahu


Easiest: Puʻu Pia, Mānoa


Most Extensions: Round Top Forest Reserve




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