two months in and the blog starts now

Hello, folks. It’s a grand two months into 2017 and I have finally decided to start this blog. Starting a blog isn’t easy. I’m no expert, but opening myself up to a world of strangers is well… strange. Regardless, I have finally convinced myself that it is of the utmost importance to start one in regards to achieving my focus for 2017: living purposefully.

To me, living purposefully is living each day with positive intentions, and to make choices that are meaningful, well thought out, and significant.

My thoughts are that by living purposefully, I hope to feel happier and fulfilled in life. I hope to see the world more clearly, to be more patient and understanding, to make a difference, and to strengthen my relationships.

My plan is to have a goal and a focus for each month, week, and day in 2017 (and hopefully for the rest of time) in order to succeed in living purposefully. I believe that as the year progresses, my goals will change. My plan to account for change (because after all, change is inevitable) is to have planned moments of reflection in order to reassess myself and to refocus my thoughts towards living purposefully. I plan on being imperfect, but striving towards being purposeful in all aspects of life so please bare with me as I start my journey.

The intent of this blog is to be a recorded timeline of my journey and hopefully a place to share ideas with others who are also interested in living purposefully.


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