the Backyard Adventure Challenge

The journey of living purposefully began with me thinking about traveling in order to clear my mind and find somewhere to be inspired. I then realized that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world (I may be biased, but I do hear that Hawaii is a travel destination…). I thought to myself, how well do I really know my own backyard? I mean, I have gone on some adventures here and there across the island – some hikes, several beaches, and some super awesome local places to eat, but really how much of this island do I know?

This inspired me to embark on what I like to call the backyard adventure.

Back when I was small, I had quite a vivid imagination. Just in the confines of my grandma’s back yard, I could instantly transport myself to a jungle climbing trees and vines, a pirate ship, or even jumping around and staying out of lava. I realize that I don’t need to travel across the sea to find somewhere to be inspired. I can go on adventures right here at home and be inspired by the beauty that is Hawaii.

Here is my 2017 backyard adventure challenge list:

  1. Go on 40 hikes
  2. Visit 40 beaches
  3. Find as many farmers markets as possible
  4. Go to 12 local events (one every month)
  5. Find 12 local vendors to support

Rules are as follows:

  • Bring a buddy and share the experience with someone else.
    • Safety is always first, and friends don’t let friends go on adventures alone
  • Reflect and document post-adventure
    • Whether it’s writing, doodling, photography, or bujoing, if there’s no documentation or reflection from the experience, it didn’t really happen
  • Repeats donʻt count
  • must use hashtags: #kakoucollective #kakoucollectivechallenge #backyardadventures

I challenge you to go on an adventure in your own backyard to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and perhaps even get inspired.


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