Backyard Adventures

January Hikes

Here’s the photo proof and documentation for my backyard adventures in January (see what Iʻm talking about in my backyard adventures challenge post). These adventures were a great start for my 2017 journey.

Ka’iwi Shoreline


The Ka’iwi Shoreline trail is super easy and nice for anyone that wants a quick getaway. Most people will start on the Makapu’u Lighthouse side, but I think it’s kinda nice when you start on the Alan Davis side – you don’t have to compete for parking with people that are trying to do the lighthouse. On this trail, there are beautiful coastline views and a private beach. There’s even an old telephone pole that you can jump off of (I’ve jumped off in High School, but I passed this time around). I don’t think anyone should bring their dogs on the Alan Davis side mostly because I saw signs listing endangered plants and wildlife. We brought Kahi on the lighthouse side the second time we went and she had a blast.

Makapu’u Lighthouse


I went on this trail with my three-year-old Godson and he had a blast. This was his first time hiking and I feel that it was a great way to introduce him to the idea of going on an advanced walk. The entire trail (other than the offshoots) is paved and they are currently fixing up the lighthouse that was featured on 50 First Dates. Awesome views of the coastline with a very nice breeze.

Pu’u Pia


This hike was a tad bit more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be. Not that it was difficult, but there were a lot of tree roots that acted as stairs when combined with the incline. It was definitely an awesome workout with a spectacular view at the end 0f Mānoa Valley. Kahi accompanied me on this hike and she had a blast jumping over the roots. Be sure to bring bug spray!



My best friend Kristin and I randomly decided to come here for lunch and fell in love with their Strawberry Cream Pie (as well as everything else we tried that day). I ended up loving it so much I came back for my birthday. Everything is farm to table and if you come at the right time they have live music. Awesome staff and great service despite how many people were there. Must tries: Mai Tai, Strawberry Cream Pie, Poke Tacos.


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